Friday, May 27, 2011

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Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life


Here is a shot of the morning of my birthday - flowers picked for me, fresh cinnamon buns from the bakery, and what you can't see is coffee brewing in the background :) It was a happy day indeed, spent with my 2 favourite people. And I just have to say that I got a most wonderful birthday present from my husband - Pride and Prejudice!!! With Colin Firth of course!!


In honour of Arden's first birthday, we planted an apple tree in our back 40. It's a heritage brand called "Wealthy" and is supposed to be a good all-round eating and baking apple. The poor tree is surrounded by piles of brush and junk wood and scrap metal and weeds . . . but sometimes you just have to plant beauty in the midst of it all!

round button chicken



  1. Good luck with your new tree - I hadn't heard of that variety. (not that I'm an apple expert, by any means!)

  2. sounds like the perfect birthday

  3. You have to take her picture by the tree every year, so you can chronicle both of them growing. I have a Mother's day tree. I wish I would have thought of trees for my children's birthdays.


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