Monday, May 2, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny real} the happy edition

I started this post last Thursday morning, and then the computer with the photos on it crashed, and it took a few days for the computer and I to get back at it. It's not officially linked to the LMLD post, but I've still linked to the site through the {pretty, happy, funny, real} button.

Who could not be happy after the joy of Easter's triumph? We had a lovely sunny weekend . . . followed by 3 days straight of dull rainy days, with more rain in the forecast. But there are still so many things to be happy about!! (Like the fact that it's supposed to go up to 18 degrees today, hooray!)

Buds on the apple tree down at the pond.

A little girl playing peekaboo at the glass door.

Pancakes and strawberries topped by our very own homemade Manitoba Maple syrup.

Washing windows on a warm day, even though the view is rather depressing out this dining room window. But clear, shiny windows do make me happy!

When the tree of God's joy is rooted in my life, happiness bursts forth in so many little places like the buds of spring, and Arden is the robin singing in its branches. :)



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