Monday, May 23, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real} dreary


The world is not camera friendly. 

Dark clouds hover constantly and the dreary rain keeps beating down. Somehow the damp gets into our homes, into our spirits. There is no light at the kitchen window. The windows are shut to a cold howling wind. The darkness seems to magnify all the little frustrations we overlook on a sunny day – the smelly compost bucket, the sound of crying, the laundry hanging inside that just never seems to dry. We sigh.

We turn out the light and go to sleep, the house shaking and shuddering against the storm. Five more days of this in the forecast. Is there any point in getting up tomorrow?

But then, unexpected grace comes tapping at the window. Before I even open my eyes, I know something is different. I see the beam on the hallway floor, follow it downstairs to the front door and chase it onto the veranda. 

The whole world has been hung to dry in the morning sun, tears and troubles evaporating in the warmth. I shake out my spirit and pin it up on the line. 


round button chicken


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  1. I think laundry on the line is pretty too, especially because it means the weather is nice enough to hang it out. Hope you can stop by and visit me some day at


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