Friday, May 6, 2011

"Just a spoonful of sugar..."

There are some days I wish I could be just like Jesus. Among His innumerable admirable qualities, He is able to sustain all things with just a word. Wouldn’t that be wonderful and so incredibly timesaving? I can picture it now. “Dishes be done! Windows be washed! Laundry be folded! And stay that way!” Kind of like that scene in Mary Poppins where they simply snap their fingers and sing about a spoonful of sugar and the toys fly into the toybox and the blankets arrange themselves practically perfectly on the beds. But alas, I am going to have to scrub that burnt sugar out of that pot with some elbow grease, no matter how loudly I sing.

No, today I am going to renew the face of the house, à la Psalm 104:30. It’s a constant job, this renewal of my domain. Like breathing out and breathing in, over and over, repeatedly nourishing the life cycles all around me. But I just did that yesterday . . . or five minutes ago actually. It’s ok, I tell myself. It’s a Spirit kind of thing. I am imitating a holy work. And I’m not sure, but I think sanctification is a kind of housework.

So I will keep on with this my work, even as the Spirit blows the dust out of my heart and washes the windows of my mind, renewing me even as he renews the earth.


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