Wednesday, May 4, 2011

weekly project - the funny corner cupboard

Well Mom, you will be glad to know I finally gave that funny corner cupboard you detest so much a good scrubbing and organizing. For those of you who haven't seen this hackjob in person, the previous owners built this cupboard around the furnace vent they had installed going up to the second level, presumably to hide the pipe. Now it holds a certain quirky charm for me, but the boards in it are rough, and it was full of staples and loose screws that had been painted over in place! (We've come across this issue in so many areas of the house! They must have been in a hurry to paint this place, because they painted over nails, scotch tape, Christmas decorations, stuck on dirt and all manner of things.) I think it had a quick vacuum-out when we moved in, but sadly had not been scrubbed. Until today. I got out the bleach and got rid of the layers of dirt and drywall and plaster dust that had settled over the shelf and its miscellaneous inhabitants. Things were just kind of chucked in there, so I organized it with the help of some cut-up milk jugs and strawberry containers. Now it is clean and organized, and in so doing I have freed up another little corner of my brain that had been nagged by this neglected task. Hooray!

Here is the before picture:

And now the after pictures!

And to top it off, Arden and I found pussywillows on the way back from the pond today! Much better, don't you think?


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