Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Rhythm - Down at the Pond

As part of our weekly rhythm, we've been making regular trips down to Rackham's Pond since the weather warmed up. It's a pleasant little walk over the hill and into the river valley. Today was gloriously warm and sunny, which made the trek even better. Signs of life were springing up all around or flying through the air. The clover is greening up the ground, and there are buds on the apple tree. We saw quite a lot of living creatures, including:

6 Canada Geese in the pond (4 adults and 2 little goslings)
1 black barn cat
1 osprey guarding its nest
1 robin
lots of blackbirds and sparrows
1 wriggly brown earthworm

If you look closely you can see all 6 geese.

The osprey flying from its nest to the nearest pine tree.

Arden kept pulling off her shoes and dropping one or the other as I carried her along the riverbank, and a couple times we had to go back and find a lost shoe, because I was too busy looking at the birds to notice when she dropped it! She played in the grass too, tasting some dried leaves and grass and grabbing at the clover. When I showed her the earthworm she was most excited at this new culinary prospect, but thankfully I'm still too quick for her!

There it is!

Mmm, dirt!
Looks good to eat, don't you think?

On the way back home we ate cheerios and stopped to chat with our neighbours, and thus ended the walk in a most satisfactory way.

Ok, these taste pretty good.


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