Thursday, April 21, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

I'm joining in with the ladies over at Like Mother Like Daughter for this weekly feature, in which we post pictures that capture the contentment of every day life.


No flowers out yet in PEI! But this little bird is one of my pretty spring
decorations that I got while living in Georgetown, ON.  


A cup of tea in the morning does wonders for the spirits! Not quite as
good as coffee, but since I've given that up for Lent, tea will just have to do...

Arden and I were both laughing as I tried to take a picture of her
while she was chasing me down! 


Spring cleaning around the yard - and it doesn't feel like spring today!
We got a couple centimetres of snow last night. I found this old bottle the
other day among many other pieces of garbage around our property.
I think there's about 10 years' worth of bottles, plastic bags,
old batteries, random metal parts, and yes, even a kitchen sink that
needs to be cleaned up in our hedgerows!



  1. Your little daughter is beautiful. I remember the day when just chasing mommy was enough to make them happy. Enjoy her littleness. :-)

  2. Such a sweet moment with your little one. Reminds me of those days with my oldest--- Enjoy!

  3. That little bird is awfully cute!

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