Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Hello friends and family! I thought you might like to see some pictures of Arden taken over the Easter weekend. It was a full weekend with worship at the Good Friday morning service, 2 presentations of By His Stripes (Friday night and Sunday morning), cleaning and shopping on Saturday, and worship Easter Sunday evening. Arden did well to sit through all the practices and services, getting passed around to various people while we were on stage, and generally staying in good spirits. Everyone comments on what a good baby she is, and I have to agree. :)

Here's Arden at East Side Mario's, where we had Easter Sunday dinner with the Bakers :) Arden had fresh bread and cheese cappelletti!

Arden in her Easter dress, found at the Children's Exchange. She's playing with her new wooden xylophone. She loves making music!

And some more pictures from Sunday afternoon playing with her bunnies and lamb.

Arden loves to play with her friend Davis at church! These were taken Sunday night during worship practice. They're learning to share toys.

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  1. Arden is gorgeous in her Easter dress! Absolutely beautiful :-)


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