Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Finally, the flowers are blooming and the trees are rustling their new leaves in the spring breeze.

The apple tree in blossom!

Apple blossom buds

Pretty pansies


On Thursday it was warm enough for a real beach day! We took ourselves to Brackley Beach and enjoyed the sun. Oh how I love getting the sand between my toes...

Big toes

Little toes


Arden wasn't so sure of the sand when we got to the beach. She would not sit on it, and insisted on sitting on me instead. However, though she was too scared to sit on it, she wasn't too frightened to eat it out of her toes!! Silly girl.

The sand tastes better than the cookie, apparently!


This is my dining room. Sigh. It is in desperate need of renovation. I have lived with it for almost a year now, but I reached my breaking point on Saturday and started pulling down the hideous wallpaper! So now I am trying to envision what it will look like if I paint the puke-coloured wainscoting white and the walls a rich golden yellow. That paint sample is not a rich golden yellow, but rather a cream I had used in another room, but I was desperate to try and get a visual. And that is a curtain tacked up behind the stove. The only thing I'm concerned about is that the black stove will look funny against white wainscoting. Does anyone have any suggestions for colours? I want the room to look warm but bright, since it only ever gets the early morning sun. Any feedback would be most welcome!


round button chicken



  1. Hi! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Check out Benjamin Moore's Berkshire Beige or Coastal Fog (lighter). They look great with both white and black. I think they would tie in the tile, too. We have both in different places in our house and love them. Just thoughts!

  2. Hi Lindsay! Thanks for joining!

    Love those beach pictures! Kids are so funny at the beach.

    I actually love that mustard yellow, and it goes with the tile so well. If you just recoated it, maybe a shade lighter, and then did Benjamin Moore Calming Cream on the walls (a warm white that I love), you will have a warm, welcoming dining room! You are right, the wallpaper is getting you down. But IMO the lower part of the room should be the darker color....

    Also, if you wanted to, you could paint the gold trim on the stove black with high-heat spray paint. It's very easy to do. But it looks good with that mustard yellow.

    Lucky you to have such nice wainscoting!

  3. Lindsay, you always have such nice photos! I agree with your idea of yellow - it's cheering, whatever shade you choose.

  4. New to your blog, it's very cozy. I'm just throwing in my 2 cents on paint colors. I think a bluish tone above white washed wainscoting would be great. Think cottage chic ... not navy blue or grey blue, maybe a bluish green that hints of breezy days. I'm awaiting summer, can u tell?

    Maybe a warm green? Benjamin Moore has some great colors.

  5. Lovely photos! I'm going to suggest a pale gray for your wainscoting. I think it would look good with the creamy shade (or gold, if you are set on it) and the black stove would look lovely in front of it. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  6. Thanks to all for the suggestions!

    The wainscoting colour really is uglier in real life than the photo depicts. If I thought I could keep it and be happy, I would, to save on the work involved in painting it all!

    I will be sure to post a photo once the job is done, in the happy/pretty category that is! Though it may be a few months yet before that happens...

  7. hi my pei friend - cant wait for a visit in the summer - just a little thought - what about painting the gold trim on the fireplace white? then it would go better with lighter wall and wainscoting. I think you can just tape them off and paint - I know people who have done it - you just have to get the right paint!


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