Sunday, February 9, 2020

"The Tower of Lon-geon"

Proud Charlotte Mason mama moment: 

When your daughter, during free time, creates a “Tower of Lon-geon” (London + dungeon) out of Lego, complete with 2 hangings and Good Queen Bess locked inside! Also, it is a working candy dispenser!! 

High marks for creativity and historical content. 

Overheard the same afternoon:

J: Is that Queen Mary?
A: Yes.
J: Are you going to hang her?
A: No. Well, actually yes.
J: Yeah, she's Bloody Mary.
A: Actually I'll put her in the Tower. ... This is Good Queen Bess over here. 

Why I can't get this kind of detail in required narrations I don't know, but it's heartening to know it's in their brains somewhere! :D 

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  1. thats awesome. I found your blog on the ambleside should post an update!! its been awhile :)


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