Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Joy to the world, the Lord is come!

Christmas morning fun . . . 

Someone has been nibbling here


Pez dispensers!

Trying out the Slinky

Dinky train races

Micah's dream come true - fountains of candy!

Dress up clothes!

A toy for the big boy

The queen of Christmas

The Christmas Mailbox

This is something new this year! We made a mailbox that will have a "special delivery" for each of the 12 days of Christmas. On the first day of Christmas there were pears (of course), and a note from "Saint Nicholas's Helpers."

"I saw three ships come sailing in on 
Christmas Day in the morning..."

On a sunny, +8 day, what better thing to do than try out our new dory on the river?

Just a little soaker

Dad pulled us back up river! 

Yes, we need some proper oars!

We made it safe to shore!

We had Christmas dinner at our friends' home. The kids were too busy playing to pose for pictures!

The menfolk trying to figure out puzzles

Flying the drone

The moms!

Christmas Night - A full moon and candlelight

Christmas Eve 2015


Our traditional tourtiere pie

Christmas Eve Service

Goodies for Santa and his helpers

All is calm...

All is bright...

'Round yon virgin mother and child...

Holy infant so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace...

Sleep in heavenly peace.

Christmas Preparations

Here is a little peek at some of our Christmas preparations. . . 

Making felt stars

Arden sewing her star

She was very patient and did a great job!

Christmas tree hunting with friends

The biggest Christmas tree field we've ever been in!

The hunt is on...
Scouting out the perfect tree

Helping drag the tree out of the field

Make room for the tree!

An angel at the top

Getting the train set up

The children's ministry at Calvary Church

Singing "Glory and Honour"

The whole little crew

Making clove oranges

We had our first Christmas tree sleepover this year! The kids were quite excited. We all went carolling with the church that evening, so it was quite late by the time they got all tucked in. After a few Christmas stories, they were soon fast asleep! 

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