Saturday, October 9, 2010

Cloud 9

Arden spent a lot of her time in her first couple months in her "cloud." It was a handy place to put her during the day, since the bassinet was upstairs. She loved napping, looking out the window and just hanging out.

The cloud - bathtub + sheepskin + blankies

All warm and cozy in the Kensington house

Looking towards the light


Napping while the roofers are roofing and the wood is being delivered. This girl is pretty good at sleeping through anything!

Napping during a stroll along the beach.

Tummy nap

Ah, bliss.

Sleeping feet

First smiles

Here are some of the first smiles we were able to catch on camera!

1 month old!

These were taken June 17th - Arden's 1 month birthday

The first month

Here are a few pictures from Arden's first month of life at our house in Kensington.

Arden having a nap in her "cloud" - aka the bathtub lined with a sheepskin!

Cuddle time with Mama

Kicking about in the cloud

Bath time! Generally well tolerated

Raising the flag at our new house in Wheatley River!

Arden's first picnic!

On the holiday Monday and my birthday (May 24), we took Arden down to Rackham's Pond for her first picnic!

A beautiful sunny day!

Here we are under the apple tree in blossom!

She slept through most of the picnic :)

Our beautiful girl!

Introducing Arden Leigh!

Arden Leigh was born May 17, 2010 at 8:48 am, weighing 7 pounds and 1 ounce! She's been keeping us happily busy the last four and a half months.

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