Friday, August 24, 2012

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It has been weeks and weeks since my last post! We have been having such a busy, wonderful summer with lots of family visiting us and our enchanting island. I have scads of vacation and family photos, but this post reflects the first quiet afternoon we had home to ourselves after the last guest pulled out of the driveway.


This is our sea glass collection, growing every summer! 

The living room is still undergoing change! (That's what happens when Mom comes to visit - we move furniture!) I picked up a second hand rug that is lighter than the brown one I had in there previously, and I much prefer its size, texture, and the overall look next to the furniture. I'm finding the room quite {pretty} these days, thanks especially to the addition of a piece of real art.

I think it's perfect for our island home. It adds such a presence to the room, I find, and it's almost like having another window. (I wish our house had bigger windows!) It has a neat story. It used to hang in the living room of Micah's parents' home, and was actually rescued from a garbage pile!

So pretty!


After weeks of sweltering heat and humidity, it made me {happy} to finally feel a coolish sort of wind coming in the window!

This little one was happy for the breeze as well.


Sorry, I couldn't resist these!

She got hold of her Poppa's newspaper and decided it was perfect bathroom reading! And the article in question?

"Call of the Wild"!


Part of the reason we spent a quiet afternoon in the living room is because poor Arden was fighting a fever, cause unknown. We cuddled up and watched Anne of Green Gables.

After our travels around the island this summer, Arden now knows who Anne is and recognizes her likeness when she sees it!

There will be more posts to come with all the fun family photos of the summer :)

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