Tuesday, May 20, 2014


No, we'll never be them, but we did see them . . .

Last night Mom and I headed to Charlottetown to welcome The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall to the island for Victoria Day. We got a lucky tip and landed under the right lamp post, so when Charles and Camilla walked by, I had the pleasure of shaking both their hands!

Royal umbrellas and their staff.

Waiting in the rain

Mom and fellow monarchy enthusiast

The Prince and Camilla's Umbrella approaching

At this point we abandoned the camera for the real thing. I believe I said, "Welcome, Your Royal Highness," as Charles shook my hand smilingly and made a remark about surviving the rainy weather. Camilla was next for a brief handshake, and I hope I may be forgiven that I failed to curtsey in the rush of the moment.

Larger than life

The royal getaway car

Capping the night off with a blast

Fireworks at nightfall

Good night, Sir!

Today Mom and I took the kids on a Royal Expedition to see what we could see as part of "the public." First, to Charlottetown and Province House.

Province House

Waiting to see a "real prince."

Look closely and you'll see them coming out of the doors

A royal wave

Walking right past us!

The cars with the cool license plates

This was the celebrity Arden was most excited to see!

The Prince was alright, but, "Mom, can we go see Anne now?" 

Then on to Cornwall! Lots of waiting at our little corner of the ropes, but the kids did really well.

Excited for flags!

Jack was practicing saying, "Hello Prince Charles!"

Jack had a little more trouble pronouncing "Camilla." 

Cornwall crowd waiting for the royal couple to depart and walk about

Getting tired. . . 

A dandelion bouquet

We didn't get a chance to pass these on to The Duchess.

One last glimpse

A grand time was had by all!

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