Friday, January 25, 2019

A good January school day

Maybe it was the sun shining after so many days of cloud and storm, but today felt like a good school day. There was nothing particularly special about it, and we didn't even get to everything on "the list." But we took life as it came to us and made the most of the learning opportunities around us.

First off, with the sun breaking through the clouds, the girls got started with their morning paper...

For school this morning, we brought out the Cuisenaire rods (part of our regular math program) and Base 10 blocks to build number bond towers, increasing in height with every level. I got the idea from this video. Jack got his all the way up from 1 to 10!

Meanwhile, Ivy worked happily on puzzles while Arden did her geography reading and map drills. (She made her own tower later.) It was just a peaceful yet productive time.

This afternoon, during Ivy's nap, Arden and Jack and I went outside. After a lovely snowy January, we just had a big rainfall. I have mixed feelings about these January thaws, since they seem so out of place. And yet, they uncover some of that world waiting for spring.

We checked what the swollen river washed up after the rain and thaw, and took a general walkabout to see what we could see. As always, the little details bring the most joy - green ground cover that smells like a field of ripe summer grasses, tiny larch cones, and taking time to stop and smell the oak leaves...

Every single time I make time to go outdoors, I am glad I did. Every single time we make the time to observe and delight in nature, I am glad we did. I can't help thinking it's worth reordering our lives (and even school schedules) to make sure these connections with creation are being made.


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