Thursday, May 24, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Thankful for Thirty

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Today is my 30th birthday!! In this busy and somewhat sleep deprived season of life, the reality of that number is not really sinking in . . . perhaps it's better this way? :) Over the course of the day, I did have a few minutes here and there to reflect on life and all the things I'm thankful for, especially today.

1. Our own little family

2. My husband, heir of grace together with me, one to work and play and love alongside

3. A daughter who brings delight to my heart

4. A son whose new smiles bring joy to my days

5. Our peaceful home along the river

6. Sunny mornings on the front porch swing

7. Extended family who continue to build a legacy of love and faithfulness

8. The daily prayers of my grandparents

9. My own parents - caring, a little crazy, constant in their loving support

10. Forget-me-nots and bleeding hearts

11. Friends who bring cupcakes!

12. Friends who write messages

13. Apple blossoms and robin song

14. The shaping of new ideas and ancient paths

15. A sliver of new moon served on a bed of spring greens at twilight

16. A bucket of KFC!

17. My two year old wishing me "happy birthday" in her sing song way

18. Letting go of perfection to embrace thanksgiving

19. Curling up with Micah under a Scottish wool blanket as the sun sets

20. The warmth of home fires

21. Sisters, sisters - there were never such devoted sisters!

22. Packets of wildflowers

23. All the people and places that have shaped and strengthened me 

24. The ontological change of motherhood

25. A sweet communion of saints and sinners

26. The wilds of North and East

27. The power of a good story

28. A part in a grand story

29. Stolen naps, blissful sleep

30. The deep, deep love of Jesus

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