Thursday, May 31, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real} on May 31

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Sharing little bits and pieces of life over the last week! (To see Arden's birthday pictures, click here!) 


A tiny jar of pansies over the kitchen sink.
(The {real} factor here is the dirty window! I haven't got out to clean the outside of the windows yet this spring!)

Discovering bleeding hearts 


Happy toes at the beach on Sunday!  

Toes in the warm sand

Toes in the cool mud, next to some giant claws

Toes in the cold water! 

It was too cold for these toes to come out! But Jack seemed
to enjoy his first real beach outing. 


We've been trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible on nice days. On this particular day, Arden brought all her friends out to the front yard to enjoy the fresh air with her. 

First she set them out to sunbathe and brought them forget-me-nots.

Then she decided to line them up on the rocks.
Pretty maids (and a bunny) all in a row! (Plus a cat.)

Critters hiding in the rocks...


Micah found this little guy in the grass, and Arden and I spent a good ten minutes
watching him crawl across the rocks into a hidey-hole. How's that for real entertainment!

Thanks for stopping by! 

round button chicken



  1. Precious pictures! Each one! Made me remember when my kids were very little at the beach. Thank you!

  2. so adorable...i love how she was caring for her babies...


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