Thursday, May 31, 2012

Arden's 2nd Birthday!

We had a wonderful day celebrating Arden's 2nd birthday! She sure has grown a lot in a year. Granny was able to spend most of the day with us, and we had a little family party at suppertime. By the end of the day, Arden was singing the first line of "Happy Birthday to You" to herself! It was so cute.

We love our girl! She is bright and beautiful and full of life and mischief. To read Arden's birthday letter, click here.

The birthday girl cuddling with Granny in the big blue chair

Mmmm, icing!

Arden's current love is tractors . . .  she gets so excited watching them go by our house, and practically screams with delight if she sees one when we're out and about! So a tractor birthday cake seemed the natural choice!

Two tractors! (With flower sprinkles and fresh pansies for that feminine touch.)

She was quite happy with the cake!

Cuddling with Daddy on the front porch swing

The birthday throne!

Homemade pizza for the birthday supper

Excited for pizza!

Pizza time

Yum! I was glad she liked it!

This year Arden didn't cry when we sang "Happy Birthday"!
(Unlike last year, poor thing!)  She seemed quite pleased with all the
attention and the candle. And then she saw the tractors and that made her day!

She had as much fun playing with the cake as she did eating it!

Opening birthday cards

Cuddling with Mommy - Jack also happened to turn one month old on Arden's birthday.

All ready for bed at the end of a good day

Beautiful evening light...

... and tire marks in the cake! 


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