Friday, May 25, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I got to spend Mother's Day this year with my own two children, my Mom, and my Mom's mom! It was a great day! (Unfortunately, we didn't think to get a picture of the four generations all together - silly us.) But here are a few shots from the day.

Arden all dressed up for church

She got out of the car  after church and ran for the tractor . . .  Daddy rescued the white dress just in time!

Taking a peek before venturing in

Grandma's newest grandchild

Since it was Mom's last full day with us, and we hadn't been to the beach yet this visit, we decided we simply had to go! As luck would have it, by the time we were all ready to go out the door, the day had changed from blue sky and sun to drizzly clouds and a strong wind. We braved the conditions, including one beach closed for repair, climbed up and down a set of stairs (with Jack in the stroller!) and spent an invigorating few (downright chilly) minutes beside the ocean. This was Arden's inaugural beach trip of the season. Last year she was afraid of the sand at first! That fear overcome, her favourite thing to do this time was throw rocks in the water, or rather, pick up rocks for us to throw, as the ocean was still a little intimidating.

Looking for suitable projectiles

There's a good one!

Now this one!

We also tried for a few family shots, a little tricky with a little girl who wanted to run!

The ladies

Trying to get Arden to wave to the camera . . . no such luck! But don't we look cool? :)

This shot does have all four of us in it, even though only two faces are visible!

A little better with three and a half!


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