Thursday, February 21, 2013

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Thanks to everyone who made suggestions about my living room! I haven't made any big changes yet, but a few bits and pieces are coming together...


This may be a bit odd for a {pretty}, but I think it is!

I've wanted this exact cupboard in my house for a long time. Almost three years, actually. When we first moved here, it was in the old shed, sitting on the dirt floor, covered with cans of oil and other manly sorts of things. I kept asking Micah to bring it in for me, but I don't think he took me seriously! Finally, in the fall, he brought it in to the basement to dry out and fix up. The bottom of the thing had to be cut off because it was rotting, and we considered adding new wood in its place, but in the end, we just left it and added a shelf at the bottom for stability and usefulness.

It is naturally distressed, as you can see. And I love it. Furthermore, it has helped me realize that something has been missing in my living room - a place for pretty things! I'm not sure it will stay in this exact location, but for now, here it is, making me happy.


I'm also {happy} with a weekend furniture find for the music room/library!

I purchased these wingbacks in excellent condition for an excellent price. Yes, they are pink, but are part of a larger vision for the living rooms that I'm working on. (And that is Micah's fabulous homemade cat scratching post in the background...)

I love how they create a nice cozy seating area under the chandelier.

Slowly but surely, I know I'm getting somewhere!

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  1. i really like what changes you have made. we are trying to rearrange here, too.

  2. That cbinet is a wow! Love the little purple flowers, whatever hey are.

  3. that distressed cabinet is perfect in that spot and I love it near the red chair!
    also love that pillow on your wingback. very colorful!

  4. I love it! It looks beautiful - just like it came out of Country Living!

  5. What a great cabinet! I think your living room is looking really spacious and comfortable.

  6. That cabinet is truly lovely! I really like what you've done, it all looks cozy!


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