Thursday, February 14, 2013

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Arden's teaset

Watching Daddy throw wood down the wood chute off the pantry


I stole a few moments to myself at lunchtime and went out for a bit of a walk. (One of the blessings of having a husband who works from home!) Though not sunny, the day was mild, and I was happy to wander about the property.


Fur in motion!


Since we got our new old kitchen stove, I haven't had a place to hang towels in the kitchen. The current ones I don't mind draping over the cupboard doors or through drawer handles, but I wanted a place to hang the dirty things to dry. This week I found the perfect spot!

Eventually, this part of the house will need to be prettied up. It's a door
(which we cut in half!) off the pantry which leads down to the furnace room.
We always leave the top half open because of the window,
and this is where the wood chute is. 
Now I can just reach over the door and leave things here to dry where they won't be seen! Micah found the towel rack in the basement. (Part of the odd assortment of things we inherited with the house.)


And as an aside, I'd like to say Sukie's living room looks lovely! I am in the midst of figuring out what to do, furniture-wise and paint-wise with our two adjoining living rooms, so it is inspiring to see someone else making things work. I came across this picture in one of my copies of The English Home magazine, and I think it would be a lovely look for our music room/library!

Speaking of second hand furniture finds, I have my eye on a few items on kijiji that I think could potentially work! Stay tuned...

round button chicken



  1. What a clever idea to cut the door in half - I love half doors. I would love to put one for a back door to our house! It would be perfect for setting drinks on as well as goodies for the kids while they are playing outside.
    The magazine spread is lovely, but I do think the rustic thing you have going on right now could be equally lovely, with just a touch or two.

  2. My goodness those outdoor photos are lovely. And the kitty picture gets funnier the longer you look at it! I so, so long for my husband to work from home. Lucky,lucky you are.


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