Friday, February 22, 2013

Positions Available: The School of Young Women


Position: Older Woman
Number of positions available: Infinite
Tenure is permanent, full-time
Positions needed immediately; class enrollment is high

Qualified applicants will have the following qualities:
Reverent behavior
Ability to teach what is good
Personal experience with the course subjects

Applicants will be disqualified for:
Malicious gossip
Too much wine

See course description below:

The School of Young Women

Instructors:         Older Women of the Church

Timetable:          Ongoing
Location:              Various homes

Course Objectives:
·         To promote and sustain the formation of the godly wife, mother and homeworker.
·         To uphold the honour of the word of God

Course text:
·         Titus 2:3-5
·         The word of God

·         The love of one’s husband
·         The love of one’s children
·         The work of the home
·         Character cultivation:
o   Sensibility
o   Purity
o   Kindness
·         Christian marital submission

Specialists currently wanted in the following areas:
Whiny children, time management, sleep deprivation, curbing cabin fever, prayer

Applications many be submitted to your local church.
Alternatively, private tutoring may be offered at any time to the nearest frazzled mother.

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