Friday, June 29, 2012

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Today was a perfect day for laundry on the line - sunny and warm and windy! White sheets flapping in the wind, and a little girl running gleefully. . .

. . . so pretty!

Such a beautiful day and a beautiful girl!


Playtime on the floor! I caught Jack mid-laugh.

This little boy makes me happy :)

What a cutie.


Arden has been taking special interest in her own little baby these days. If I do something with Jack, she wants to do the same with her baby! The other night we all went for a walk by the river. She saw me putting Jack into the Moby wrap, and wanted her own.

A few twists and knots with a little pink blanket, and she was thrilled!


We've been doing some more living room rearrangement. This week we moved one of our antique organs (it doesn't really work) from the music room into the living room. I've been wanting to try it as a TV stand, since our current stand is too low for this small TV and puts all the buttons right at Arden level. It's kind of on a funny angle in the corner, because of the extended back of the TV. It may need some adjustment, but I think it just might work.

I love the woodwork on this organ, but I'm puzzled by the artwork!
What kind of an organ has a lady in a bathing suit on it?

I had a real moment of delight in the midst of the rearranging. We disconnected the subwoofer from the DVD player to move it, and Arden started poking into this hole.

Now, I know she had put various bits and pieces in here before. But this time, she reached in and pulled out a puzzle piece that had been missing for months!!

I had searched the house at least six months ago looking for it and had pretty much given up. It belongs to a puzzle that I had as a child, and I was sad to see it incomplete. Now this smiling mouse can rejoin the rest of its friends. What fun to find!

And with that, I wish you all a wonderful week. May hidden treasure surprise you somewhere along the way!

round button chicken



  1. I love all your photos! Especially the one of you and Jack together. So cute!

  2. I'm glad you found that missing piece. Nice how it happened, too - by surprise.


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