Friday, July 6, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Canada Day Edition!

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Canada Day 2012 in North Rustico!


All the family out to celebrate the True North Strong and Free!

Hanging out in the shade on a hot humid day 

Jack's first Canada Day


Arden was thrilled to have some friends around! She and the boys took off running and laughing down the boardwalk after the boat parade.

I'm not sure how she could see with her hat like that, but I think it added to the fun!


Arden's first taste of cotton candy. . .

 She didn't know what to make of the fluff, and would only eat it if we squished it into little balls for her!

Jack, meantime, was happy to eat his hands.


Too much excitement.

round button chicken


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  1. The photo of you with the baby is just lovely! Thanks for joining!


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