Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Relational Homemaking

Just a little peek into our home . . .


I have the choice –
Is it a series of chores, or a sacred career?
Am I biding my time, or building the kingdom?

I need some kind of framework on which to hang the fingerpainting of my days.
I need a vision that puts the mundane into perspective.
I need the why behind the what.

At the end of the day, my home is a gift from God, and I am its steward. It is not an end in itself, and I am not the Master. I am a servant, and all we have belongs to the King.
My home is the environment and atmosphere in which my family grows, and so its design is crucial to the direction of our growth – toward or away from God, into or out of love.
Here the physical should mirror the spiritual. This is a place where what is most important should be most visible.

And I have decided that my goals as a homemaker are inextricably connected to my relationships. All my homemaking efforts should be directed toward four main relationships, which are also gifts from God.

It is what I call Relational Homemaking.

How does our home nurture my and my family’s relationship with God?
How does our home reflect the unconditional nature of God’s love?
How does the shape of our home form us into the shape of Christ?
How does our home point us to seek God’s kingdom first?

How does our home contribute to love and unity in our marriage? 
How does our home make room for intimacy?
How does our home bring us together in mutual activities and a shared vision?
How does our home promote co-labour as co-heirs of the grace of life?

How does our home encourage my children to know and follow God?
How does our home provide opportunities for loving nurture?
How does our home provide order and wonder for my children?
How does our home facilitate in the training of my children?

How does our home enable me to offer hospitality to others?
How does our home provide peace to others?
How does our home foster deep friendships?
How does our home point people to Christ?


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  1. I like your thinking :) It's so true. What could be more important for building relationships than devoting ourselves to the home? You say it very well!
    Thanks for the link! A big hug from us at LMLD!


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