Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good Cheer

This year, at our little hearth, I have chosen a little goal.

~ To create an atmosphere of cheerfulness in our home. ~

Too often I let the day’s burdens bear down on my spirit, and what squeezes out under pressure is not pleasant – dramatic sighs, grumpy gestures, ungrateful words. I don’t want to turn this beautiful life I have been given into a burden. Though some days can be tough, I know just a bit of cheerfulness can lighten my load and brighten my day, not to mention the day of the ones I love.

I just looked up a definition of cheerful, and it means, “full of good spirits.”

I don’t think those are the kind one keeps in a secret cupboard . . . and I’m not even sure those are the kind I can muster up on my own some days. It’s going to take another spirit, the Holy Spirit.

I’m going to need charis, grace, in order to be cheerful. I'm going to need a new Spirit within, so when I am squeezed, it is His fruit that shows up. I’m going to need His reminder, in King James language, to “be of good cheer!” 

Take heart, little hearth!

A simple command, a sincere prayer. 


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