Monday, January 16, 2012

Freedom from possessions

As Christians, our relationship with our possessions should surely be influenced by our relationship with Christ. In the quest for "living simply," and being a responsible steward of what God has given, I came across a post by a "charming" blogger I've been following for quite some time.

Mat. Emily is an Orthodox Christian blogger, and I enjoy her perspective on the Christian life. In one of her latest posts, she quotes The Very Reverend Thomas Hopko on what it means to be Christian stewards. Take a look here!

What do you think?

I wonder how I can live at a standard of only what is necessary (having less) and make mercy a concrete way of life (giving more). The goal is not a law about what I can and can't have, but about being free from possessions, free to be more godly.

Questions to ponder:
Is the acquiring of possessions preventing me from godliness in any way?
Are there certain "things" in my life that have begun to possess me?
Do I ever refrain from giving because I want more than I actually need?
How do the things that surround me reflect who Christ is to me?


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