Monday, February 18, 2008

beautiful baking soda!

I have recently discovered the all-purpose wonder of baking soda for many household tasks. Baking soda is quite useful in the kitchen, and I like to keep a small container handy by the kitchen sink for easy access. I also keep several boxes of Arm & Hammer in stock at a time, so I don't run out!

Here are a few of the things baking soda likes to do in my kitchen:

  • Cleaning cuts and stains on the countertop (a paste of baking soda and water)

  • Scrubbing down wooden cutting boards which are then rinsed with hot water to remove stains and odours

  • Cleaning and polishing the kitchen sink, especially around the drains and faucets (I use a toothbrush to get into the tough-to-reach spots)

  • Cleaning white plastic bowls and containers, which easily stain

  • Cleaning baked and burned food from the stove top and around the burners

  • Whenever I need a mild abrasive for tough cleaning

Does anyone else have any favourite uses for baking soda, in the kitchen or elsewhere?

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