Wednesday, February 6, 2008

All tuned up

Last week we finally got around to getting our piano tuned. It's been in our apartment for about a year and a half, and hasn't been tuned since it was moved here down the highway in the back of a truck and up our back fire escape stairs! It held its tune for quite a while, but in the last couple months I noticed it getting worse. It's so nice to have all the keys sounding as they should - it helps my playing sound better even when the piece I'm playing doesn't sound as it should!
The piano belonged to my husband's Grandpa Manning, who recently passed away. It's an apartment sized Sherlock-Manning from 1972, made of walnut. The company was the last one to make pianos in Canada. It fits perfectly in our apartment, and I love having a piano to play! Now I just need to practice...

1 comment:

  1. Hooray for tuned pianos! Hooray for pianos in general. Ours is still at the old apartment, hopefully until the weather gets a little warmer so it is easier on the piano and also for the safety of the guys who have to carry it down all those scary stairs!


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