Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Snow Drop by Arden Gallant

This is a poem that Arden wrote earlier this winter. She wanted to share it with you!

The Snow Drop

The snowdrop grows through the snow.
The sunflowers wilt.
The winter is cold.
But Christmas is better,
better than snow.

But the frogs hibernate.
The polar bears stay awake.
But we have a warm house.

Leaves wither.
We eat porridge for dinner.

We have a warm, toasty fireplace.
Geese fly to a warm place.
Everything's cold, cold as ice.
Warm hot chocolate!

It gets darker earlier.
The lights go on in the night.
Everyone goes to bed in their warm, cozy blankets.

You can see the smoke from outside of the house.
Play games.
Sitting by the fire is nice.
Make snow angels, make snowmen, make snow seats.
Warm potatoes in your pockets.
Warm bricks by your feet.
It's nice to have a snuggle.
Wait for friends to play in the snow with you.
Babies first start to walk in the snow.
Go on cozy, warm trains.
Presents by the Christmas tree!
Play in the snow.
Play with dolls, play with soldiers.
The best thing of all is a cozy, warm sleigh to ride in.

Snowflakes fall, so beautiful.
Apples fall to the ground.
A little bit of sun can be nice too.
You can paint inside, go on a sleigh in the snow.
Birds stay and go.
Get ready for Christmas!
Squirrels collect acorns for spring.
Evergreens stay, other trees go.
Leaves fall.
Fall is nice, but winter is better.

Light candles at Advent and sing songs.
Some days it's windy and cold.
Some days it's sunny and nice.
Carving pumpkins is really fun!
Sit with your babies.
Decorate for Christmas.

by Arden Gallant

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful! Great job, Arden!
    I think I'll go make a warm cup of tea...


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