Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Figuring Out the First Year

This homeschool mom is still trying to figure things out over here! That's what the first year is all about, right? Still loosely following Ambleside Online's Year 1, but with enough substitutions, modifications and deletions to not really be a true AO-er. I've been fascinated by the podcast discussions of A Delectable Education, especially regarding history rotations. And then there's my penchant for the Moore's Better Late Than Early approach. Kids want to spend all day playing in mud puddles? Go right ahead! I am still very much aiming for Charlotte Mason's timeless principles though! And working my way through her writings. Perhaps I am a . . . Free Spirited CMer?

And then there's the whole personality type thing at play. I'm an INFP, mostly! And apparently, I dislike both risk and systems! Ha! It is actually very true. So, I don't want to risk doing something that hasn't been tried before (thus the need for some outside input or structure or historical precedent), but I don't want to be tied into anyone's system (thus the need for modification and making things up as I go and room for flexibility). Did I mention I'm also slightly impulsive and easily distracted? I have to feel my way, and leave lots of loops open, only sometimes I forget which loops those were. Oy! Sometimes I tend toward INTP, which means I spend lots more time on research than actually implementing ideas! But I want to have the right idea before I implement. Do you see my problem?

Anyway, things are actually going fairly well, and perhaps I'll share soon a bit of what we're actually doing around here, as far as booklists and lessons go. Just now it is past my bedtime though, and I'd better get the best start on my day tomorrow by going to bed now. If I can shut my homeschool brain off, that is . . .


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