Thursday, January 23, 2014

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Congratulations to the ladies at Like Mother, Like Daughter for their lovely new website!


Arden received her first pair of skates for Christmas! We tried them out on this little rink behind our local library. With the falls to be expected, she did very well, and was soon balancing and moving on her own two feet.


I'm putting this in the happy category, because food makes me happy! I tried making potato latkes for the first time, and they were yummy.


The cats have discovered the birds.


Arden likes to make "set ups" with her toys and begs to leave them out till the next morning. This particular arrangement, she informed me, was "Downton Abbey!"

That's it for us!

round button chicken



  1. Oh I love the Downton Abbey! When my girls were little they would do similar things. I am amazed at the ice. Where are you?

    1. Hi! We are in Prince Edward Island, Canada. This year we've had even more cold and snow than usual, great for outdoor rinks!

  2. I love the Downton Abbey set up! Haha! Have you seen the book "Mouseton Abbey"?


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