Thursday, January 9, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Living Room Paint Before & After

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{pretty} & {happy}

Happy New Year! My Christmas present to myself this year - painting the living room! Trying to get it done before Christmas gave me a good deadline to work with. :)

Here is a reminder of the "before." The wall colour was very blah to me, and the furniture too dark against it.


Now, with a new coat of paint, some furniture rearrangement (and a few Christmas decorations), I present…


The colour is "cool breeze" by Benjamin Moore. I decided to go with something blue (my favourite colour) in my only south facing room. "Cool" isn't the first word I would use to describe it though. I find it calm and elegant. It has hints of green and grey in it which make it quite inviting. (The photos don't quite do it justice.)

 I think it makes all that white trim really pop!

 I think it also works well with my inherited brass lamps and various gold framed pictures.

 It does make the room feel spacious when you're in it.

I haven't put the picture back up yet on the big wall. I'm trying to decide between that and a large gold-gilt mirror I found at a garage sale. I have a few other little things to put up around the room to finish it off that I haven't got to yet.

So there you have it! Painted blue on almost the darkest day of the year. (Sorry, Auntie Leila!) I'm looking forward to living with it in the different seasons to come!


Cats sure know how to do contentment!


I haven't done a thing to take down the Christmas decorations yet. They are just so pretty!

Holidays can be so tiring… :)

Wishing you all the best for 2014!



  1. Your living room looks wonderful! Love the kitty in the basket and the napping beauty. What a life ;-)

  2. That's a great new color. The trim looks lovely against it, and I like the garlands you have over them.

  3. Just found your blog from your comment...using my nap time break wisely :) Love the blue walls...just recently painted some areas of our little home with a similar shade!

  4. I love your ornaments, also, and I totally understand not wanting to take it all down. I love the color you chose, so pretty!

  5. Beautiful color - big improvement!

  6. Oh your little one on the couch is just precious

  7. Lovely blue! I'm going to keep that paint colour name on file for the future. :)

    I LOVE the picture you posted of Arden crashed on the couch! Too cute!


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