Thursday, September 19, 2013

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Here is our slice of life from the last week or so! It's all rather random, but mostly focused on life with the children. :)


Ok, food gets the pretty label this week! I've been enjoying our garden harvest. The tomato plants got blight, unfortunately (and just as the loads of beautiful tomatoes were ripening!), but the rest of the garden has done very well.

A rather oddly shaped tomato!

Swiss chard and tomato omelette

Garden helper

The carrots have been CAPITAL!

Spiced beef stewed for hours in the oven. So moist and delicious! (With our own carrots and turnips)

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

YUM. I am definitely going to do a garden again next year. This year was a great confidence building exercise!

A sunny day!

Jack sure is getting his share of pink tea parties these days. Never fear, he also loves anything with wheels!

The kids played happily and largely independently for quite some time in the yard, and I just sat in a chair and let my mind wander into the crisp fall breeze...


Ok, so now I must confess my little love of the monarchy.

"Hem, hem!"

Guilty pleasure - royalty magazines, usually supplied by Mom when she comes for a visit. :) On a rainy day, Arden was asking for more activities to do with her scissors and glue. Out came an old issue of Royalty, and we made these paper dolls!

I cut out some of the full length queens (past, present and future) and glued them onto cereal box cardboard. I wrote their names and countries on the back. I'm not sure who was having more fun, Arden or me.

Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, FYI.

Any other royalty fans out there?  (I'll save my Coronation Street confessions for another day.)


Friday it poured rain all day. I had to be proactive. The following idea came from The Toddlers Busy Book.

Indoor car racing! I made tracks with painter's tape all over the dining room and into the kitchen. Between the cleaning up in anticipation of, the creation, and the playtime, it used up a good portion of the day.

Later on we added some more tunnels and bridges, but the most popular feature was the footstool ramp.

I hope what they say about the residue-lessness of painter's tape is true. . . because I haven't pulled it all up yet!

round button chicken



  1. The photo with the sun behind your daughter is beautiful. I'm jealous of those gorgeous carrots, my garden didn't make it through the repeated deer attacks this year.
    And the indoor easy make race track- brilliant!

  2. I love the toddler play ideas- so many good ideas here. Gorgeous photos.

  3. So nice to have you posting again - makes my day :) Love Mom

  4. Your food pictures are making me hungry! And, your kids are so cute...great idea with the cars!


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