Friday, September 13, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Arden's Room

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This morning (Thursday) the sun is shining through the after-rain mist in a simply glorious way! After quite a few chilly fall days, the windows are open as I sip my coffee and it feels like summer out. Which is good, because I wasn't ready to let go of the nice weather yet!

This picture can't really capture it, but here is the view...

I am embracing the fall routine and rhythm though. Arden and I have been doing "big girl activities" in the mornings when Jack goes up for his nap. It's nothing so academic that could be called "school," (she is only 3 after all!), but we are looking at and learning letters, singing songs, sharing stories and doing some kind of hands-on activity together. It's been good for both of us!

We've been learning the hymn "All Things Bright and Beautiful," and colouring little pictures that go with it! 


But what I really wanted to show you was Arden's bedroom. It is a mix of {pretty}, {happy}, {funny} and {real}! It is by no means a big "reveal," but it is another step along the process of making it a special and beautiful place for her.

My friend painted this little sign for her! 

She moved into this bigger room sometime last year after Jack moved out of the bassinet and needed the crib. We had painted it this colour (BM Honey Harbour) when it was our bedroom, but I hadn't really got around to any sort of "decorating" or personalizing it in any way for her. Well, last night, Arden and I went up there and spent an hour together making things a little bit {pretty} for her. It was fun!

"We" decided to make it like a garden.

Arden's Garden. :)

It still needs some more details, but I found some flowery pictures to put up that I had stored away, and we imagined that the rug was a flower garden.

Her big girl bed was actually in pieces in the attic when we moved into our house. I've considered painting it, but right now it's as we found it. I got the quilt second hand.

These were recently given to me by my grandma - stitched by her and my great aunt in the '60s!
I wasn't sure where I was going to put them, but they seem to fit quite nicely in here. 

Her dresser is an antique (a kijiji find from a couple years ago), and I just love its curves!

Right now, one of Arden's favourite things to do is to wake up her dollies and stuffed "friends" in the morning and put them to bed at night! She is very caring and deliberate with the whole process, and is especially particular about which blanket goes where. She already had a little cradle, but she was running out of bed space for all her little friends, so that's why I brought the bassinet into her room!

The dollies are sleeping here, completely tucked in under the blankets! 

We also made a little reading corner, and this is how she arranged the pillows. Every day she comes up with a new arrangement - sometimes she makes doors with them, or tents with the blankets, or lines them up as a little bed. It's so cute. I love seeing her creativity and imagination start to take off!

The gardener herself!

Arden is very {happy} about it all, which makes me very happy! (I'm also happy that I was able to create something with what I had on hand, humble though it may be. That's the {real}!) And now that we've started to make it special, I will be on the look out for inexpensive ways to dress it up a little more. Any ideas for a garden themed girl's room?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. What about painting a garden around the perimeter of the room or even making/using stencils?

    And/Or embroidering little flowers or other garden things on her curtains.


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