Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jack's 1st Birthday!

Jack celebrated his first birthday on April 17th!

We had a small family affair on his actual birthday, but saved the party till Grandma and Aunty Hilary joined us from the Northwest Territories!

Good morning, birthday boy!

Arden showing Jack how to work his new toy.

Figuring it out!


Swing time

Smiling boy almost walking

Walking with some help from Mommy

A new tradition! Birthday ice cream with a candle in it, since we weren't having his cake on his actual birthday.  (We ended up doing this for Arden's birthday and my birthday too! Arden thought it was great fun.)

This guy likes to feed himself and now gets quite upset if I hold the spoon.

I'm one! I can do it myself!

Of course, I can always revert to eating ice cream with my hands. 

Proud mommy!

Happy daddy.

And now the party! With all the people!

We had a bit of a boat theme

Arden and I made this little model sailboat for Jack's cake!

Lighting the candle

Our little sea captain!

We didn't get a posed picture of all the kids (note to self for next party), but almost all of them are in this picture!  Jack loved his cake and dug right in with both hands. 

So nice to have Grandma here! And this red balloon was THE HIT of the day.
Once we handed it to him it was like magic, and he was in love. 

Fun with balloons.

He wouldn't let go.

Aunty Hilary leading the balloon games!

Lots of laughter

Lost in wonder!
Happy first birthday to our boy! He is bright, observant, quick to learn, determined, cuddly, mischievous, and generally good-natured, and we love him to bits!


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