Friday, October 7, 2011

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Upon hearing that I like "old things," someone at our church recently gave me this antique butter churn! Isn't it wonderful? I think it's pretty.

I just love the earthy tones.

This one was made in Medicine Hat, Alberta. You can also see that it's cracked, but that's ok, because I don't plan on churning any butter in it! But I think it will make a lovely addition to our farmhouse-style dining room . . . if we ever finish painting it!

The handles are still in good shape.

Arden finds it fascinating. She likes to peer inside, though the contents never change - some antique dust and a dead spider! No, I haven't got around to cleaning it out yet!


Here are some of our wooden blocks, a combination of Plan Toys and Smiling Tree Toys.

Arden likes to build block towers.

But what she really loves is knocking them over!


Micah bought a bottle of sparkling apple cider (non-alcoholic) for our anniversary. Arden saw the bottle on the table and wanted to try some.

Her reaction was priceless . . .


The mornings are getting chilly and a nice hot bowl of porridge sure starts the day off right.

Stirring with a spurtle from Scotland just makes it seem more real!

I like mine with brown sugar and milk, of course. Micah puts butter on his instead of milk! Isn't that weird? I had never heard of that till I met him.

round button chicken



  1. I love everything in this post!

    That butter churn!
    That niece with her blocks! (extra love for Arden, of course)
    That oatmeal!

    I love seeing Arden's expressions - so cute!

    P.S. How much butter does Micah put on? I may just have to try it one day...

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog.:) I love the butter churn & a happy baby makes me....well happy!:)

  3. Butter helps it go down!

  4. You're a really good photographer. I could NEVER make porridge look as nice!
    Love that butter churn you got! That's very cool.

  5. Your butter churn is awesome! Did you know that the number on the side is how many gallons? I have a crock with a "2" and was interested to find that out.
    The handles! The shape! I love it! -- Oh, and my husband made a wooden cover for my crock -- I have to post about it --only, what on earth would I preserve TWO GALLONS OF!!??

    Love the baby peeping in! :)


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