Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall decorating

This year on September 23rd, the fall equinox, I brought out my bin of seasonal decorations to mark the change in the calendar. I put away the sea glass and shells and birds and brought out my little stash of fall decorations. Most of them went up in the living room, since the dining room is still under construction right now. I love marking the seasons in some way, and this little bit of decorating was a satisfying ritual for me anyway.

Now that the evenings are dark, it's nice to light the candles and think warm and cozy thoughts.

Here is half of the shelf in the daylight

A tribute to oak trees!

"Reef!" (This is what Arden calls it)

Glass maple leaf - crafted on PEI!

My delightful little hedgehog! He always oversees the fall decorating.

Lit by candles

This candle holder creates beautiful light patterns on the wall

More candlelight - I need to find some more thin candles for that brass holder

This little mouse sits cheekily on the funny corner cupboard

Just hanging around

The whole shelf lit up

Maple by candlelight

Here's the current set up of the living room - the rug is a recent second-hand find

Thankful in the kitchen!

So there's a peek at my fall decorating! Do you have anything decked out for fall?


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