Thursday, February 16, 2017

Snowy Day Miscellany

I've missed blogging. I've missed capturing the beauty in our everyday lives and chronicling our family's little adventures. Blogging helps me keep perspective. It helps me look at our life in a positive light. (And I think that's really important in the depths of winter!) I've struggled with defining some kind of purpose for this blog. But I think it's mainly just for me, and if anyone else gains any joy from what I post, then great!

The big reason I haven't been blogging here is because our main photo library isn't accessible to me during the day when I have a few spare minutes to pull something together. I need to figure out a way around that.

With that said, here a few photos from our snowy February day!

We started a science experiment last night. We put out two containers of water, one with salt water and one with plain tap water. We wanted to see which would freeze first. We meant to check them before bedtime, but forgot! It turned out alright though, because in the morning, the results could be clearly seen.

The fresh water (top) was frozen solid, with a layer of snow on top of the ice. The salt water (bottom) was still completely in liquid form. Now we just need to figure out why . . .

Another learning opportunity arose when the kids discovered Battleship in the basement! It's a little tricky for them, but they are learning how to plunk in the coordinates.

Today is also another storm day! We've had a few in the last couple of weeks, and the snow is really piling up, much to the delight of all in the house. I took these pictures from the warmth of the dining room. :)

Here is one of my book stacks. I'm going through A Mother's Rule of Life for the second time, and am just getting into The Karamazov Brothers for bookclub. It's a doozy! I'll have to dig in some more tonight. Winter evenings are perfect for big books!

I hope to be posting more regularly! And maybe even playing some catch up!



  1. Lindsay, I love to read your blog! I think I hopped over here the first time from a Like Mother, Like Daughter, link-up. I love to see how moms in other places and climates are trying to create warm and nurturing Christian families! Your children are lovely and I'm glad you're back to blogging a bit.


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