Monday, October 17, 2016

Rainbow Nature Scavenger Hunt

For nature study today we did a rainbow scavenger hunt! We found everything pictured here in our front and back yard. Fall is a great time for finding so many colours. I wonder what our rainbow would look like in another season?

White ~ Birch bark, sun-bleached shell, Queen Anne's Lace

Red ~ Sandstone, Sumach leaves, Geranium blossoms

Orange ~ Carrot, Maple leaves, Birch bark

Yellow ~ Maple leaves, Dandelions, lichen, Goldenrod?

Green ~ Grass, clover, unidentified leaves, spruce, ferns

Blue & Purple ~ Asters, Swiss Chard, purple bean, clover flower

Brown ~ Birch twig, old bark, pinecones, maple leaf, dried fir, mushroom

Jack zoomed around on his balance bike to help me find most of these! He thoroughly enjoyed the hunt.


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