Friday, September 16, 2016

Getting schooly

We haven't officially started school yet. We've had a wonderfully full and busy summer with lots of family visiting, and I'm still finishing up some of the planning details and gathering of materials. I'm really looking forward to getting back into routine!

That being said, we're having somewhat of a schooly day today. We kept close to home because there are colds brewing. The kids went outside after breakfast, and noting how chilly it was, decided to pick all the ripe tomatoes for me, because they remember how we usually try to pick them all before a frost hits. Then we all sat down with the watercolour paints for a little while, and I had fun experimenting with colour. (I think I need some new paintbrushes.) Arden and Jack made pictures to send to our sponsor child in Guatemala, and Arden did some of the writing on the card and dictated the rest to me. Energy was low, so we had a Magic School Bus break while I sorted and sharpened pencil crayons. After lunch we sat down in the sunny living room and each picked a library book to read. One book sparked a question concerning the best way to get from France to Sri Lanka! (Any guesses as to which book we were reading?)

Now, all three children are either sleeping or quietly playing upstairs, and I'm drinking hot cocoa and thinking that I really love this kind of togetherness and learning. Even though I have a whole school term mostly planned out, I don't want to lose this sense of gentle exploration, of the natural ebb and flow of learning and living.


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