Thursday, February 11, 2016

Learning About Snow

I have two little "snow scientists" on my hands these days! We've had fun learning all about snow in a variety of ways.

We've read books, made crystals, watched videos on snow (this is where the "snow scientist" idea came from), observed it up close, and, of course, played in it!

Arden made herself a backpack filled with things that snow scientists need - black paper, a magnifying glass, a printout of different snowflake shapes (that I stuck on cardboard and covered with clear tape to waterproof - click here to see what we used), a notebook and a pen, a bottle of water and a snack. She wanted to wear her bike helmet (like the snow cave explorers in the video), but it wouldn't fit over her hat!

These are two of the books we read and enjoyed and learned from:

This one had some beautiful and fascinating up-close photographs of individual snowflakes.
We spent a lot of time just poring over the pictures. 

The true story of the first man ever to photograph a snowflake.


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