Thursday, October 1, 2015

{pretty, happy, funny, real} on October 1

~ Capturing the context of contentment in every day life ~

I'm trying to get things up and running on the blog again. Maybe as we get more into the swing of routine, I'll get back into the swing of blogging!


We've begun our homeschooling journey! One of the aspects the kids and I both love is nature study. On Wednesdays we've been walking down the red dirt road to the pond and bringing our books with us.

Some days we go out into the backyard and find lots to observe there, too.

This "little" creature shared the chair with me. Thankfully the kids are in insect fascination mode these days!


Today is October 1st - our 10th wedding anniversary! Happy day to us!

This picture was taken recently at our annual church corn boil and hayride.

And here is a happy girl, starting step dancing lessons. And I'm happy I only have to drive 5 minutes to lessons!

And happy wouldn't be complete without a little bit of ice cream. . . world famous ice cream at that!


We've had a few light frosts, but some of the garden is still going strong. I saved the tomato plants by covering them with a big tarp. Some of the leaves are dying, but the plants are still surviving. I'm hoping to ripen more of the fruit on the vine before I bring what's left in to finish ripening in the basement.

I call this, "The Forest of Swiss Chard." It's mythical, really.

Turns out, we only have so much of an appetite for swiss chard! And it grows so well! The colors are beautiful, no?


We had an ideal view of the lunar eclipse on Sunday night! The kids were tired after a sleepover the night before and busy day with church, but we let them stay up a little bit and sit on the porch with us. We had an impromptu lesson on lunar eclipses with our globe, a paper plate, and a flashlight. This was Arden's unprompted "narration" of the lesson!

Then we headed out on the front porch to admire the "super harvest moon." The kids insisted on climbing out the window. . . .

The eclipse itself didn't start until after 10 pm our time. The kids were both falling asleep out on the porch. We took Jack to bed. Arden wanted to stay up, so we let her settle into a chair in the dining room and promised to wake her up when the moon was red.

The trouble was, she wouldn't be woken! The poor thing was so tired. We brought her out on the porch, and tried to wake her, to no avail. She was heartbroken in the morning. :( It was a difficult start to the week. I wrote about it here.

At about 11:30 the moon was eclipsed. This is a picture taken around that time, and though it doesn't look completely red here, it was to the human eye. (We don't really have the lens for good moon pictures!)

Happy October to everyone!



  1. The picture of you and your kiddos on the front porch is so wonderful!!! And your swiss chard "forest" looks beautiful enough for a family of fairies to live in! It would be so fun to meet you in person!!

  2. Cow's looks like my kind of place!
    We were able to see the eclipse, too. Wasn't it breathtaking? One of our little boys was so excited for it he could not go to sleep. He was wide awake when we went to get the little ones out of bed. The youngest was outside for about 30 seconds before he had seen enough. :) How disappointing for your daughter to have missed it.


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