Saturday, January 17, 2015

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Something happened to this blog. I just got tired of posting. Or maybe I didn't see why I should keep posting beyond my regular Thursday miscellany. I do post regularly at my writing blog, Red Letters. But I think what I've missed about posting here is taking the time to reflect on our week, to look for the little moments of beauty and contentment, to create a little snapshot of our lives, more for myself than anyone else. That's what {pretty, happy, funny, real} is all about.


Pretty are the gifts of the sea in the center of the table, and the cups of tea in celebration of a new year.

 (You can see in the background a chunk of birch log found by Micah and the kids after the high water - chewed at both end by an industrious beaver! It was also deemed centrepiece worthy!)

At last, after our very green Christmas, the snow began to arrive.


Happy are little hands in new mitts, home-grown pork ribs, and the ringing in of a new year!

(Their Christmas gift to each other this year were these hand knitted mitts, bought at our local Christmas craft fair. Arden picked Christmas colours for Jack. This was Boxing Day, still green. But the snow followed shortly, and is still here, much to everyone's delight. )

Happy New Year!! This is the first time we've really marked the new year with the kids. We celebrated "Greenwich New Year" - midnight at Greenwich (you know, the place where time is mean) meant 8:00 here, just perfect for these two. We found a live feed from London which counted down the last minute with a big projection on a tall building, followed by fireworks over the city. At 8:00 the kids were allowed to make as much noise as they wanted to with shakers, whistles, drums and shouting. They thought it was great fun. :)

These are our midnight clock hands, in case you are wondering!


Funny are these two and their faces in their (frequent) silly mood.


Real are our winter days, and sibling love growing with shared adventure, indoors and out.

Yes, winter has its own brand of contentment!



  1. Your happy tea party looks very inviting! Makes me want to join you = ) I love your cups and your centerpiece.

    1. Consider this an open invitation for tea anytime in PEI. :)

  2. Yay, you're back! So nice to see pictures of your family again.


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