Thursday, March 20, 2014

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Epic Winter Compendium!

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I will admit upfront that I think this has been one of the loveliest winters we've had on PEI! Mind you, I haven't been the primary snow shoveler. However, we've had steady snow since December, and in my opinion, that's the best way to spend a season that is going to be cold anyway.


Arden and I made a winter ice wreath together last week.  It disappeared in a spell of rain, but it was pretty while it lasted. (We got the idea from The Rhythm of Family, by Amanda Blake Soule.) The process was as fun as the end result.


The kids and I went to one of Micah's Saturday night hockey games - their first time watching him play!

If Arden knows she is being photographed, she must make some kind of silly face!

Cheering for our winning team


Look closely. . . that's not Mr. Cinders' reflection! It's our neighbours' cat, come to pay a call.


Arden's photography at work

round button chicken



  1. Oh, I love that ice wreath! It's too late for us here though. The long winter has ended and the spring weather is definitely returning. But next year.....

  2. Those pictures of the snow and the frosted, iced, trees are absolutely gorgeous. I've been obsessed with PEI since reading the Anne books. So interesting to see pictures from a native :)


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