Thursday, December 12, 2013

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Second Week of Advent

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This morning Arden asked me to open the Book of Common Prayer to where we were reading this week. I opened up to the appropriate page, and she promptly began marching around the house, book in hand, singing, "On the second week of Advent, my true love gave to me. . . " which soon morphed into Jingle Bells. I just love how their little minds process things!


Winter has really arrived! The snow was even crunchy today. :)

I've got a few decorations out, this wooden star included, but we haven't really decked the halls yet. All in good time. (And maybe after a coat of paint in the living room?? We'll see…)

Prettier than a star by far:

Arden and Cinders are becoming fast friends.

And here is a joint colouring project by Arden and moi, the angel Gabriel. Arden is really taken by the angels in the story this year.

Gabriel is sitting on one of our old pump organs, moved recently from the living room into the dining room. We are hoping to pass it along to someone else, but until then, it will have a home here.

Also gracing the organ, a pair of lamps I picked up second hand. I love the bases, but the shades are a little fussy for me, so I think I will end up switching them out for something more modern.


This room is a happy place in the morning, especially with the sun shining in!

We now have three rocking chairs by fire. The smallest was a gift from Micah's Dad, a true heirloom that has been in the family for years. We are very happy to make it part of our home!

A few bits of family life this season - small and simple joys.


Of course, Jack loves Cinders too, but he really needs to learn how to show his love in an appropriate way! (I.e. Not by chasing, holding by the neck, puling by the tail, etc.)

I think she managed to escape this time.

She is still small, but getting bigger!


Trying to capture pictures of children in motion and moods.

"Intent on feline capture"

"Just warming up to the day"

round button chicken



  1. Beautiful! The children, the star, the organ (!!!), the curtains, the lamp bases (I agree with you on the shades), the tiny rocking chair -- they're all just beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely, peaceful, what's-left-of Advent.

  2. What a lovely pump organ! And I'm sure I could have recognized that volume of Common Prayer Canada from any distance, the number of times I tidy that particular volume in our household. (My husband leaves his morning devotional books in interesting places.)

  3. Oh... I just saw that you live on Prince Edward Island. I took a vacation there once with my grandparents (my high school graduation gift from them) and it was absolutely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. My grandparents were smitten with the place too. My grandfather -- a farmer -- seriously started to calculate if he could buy some land there. Thanks for the fond memories, PEI!


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