Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Spring is on the way! While my northern relations are still dealing with -30s, we are getting above freezing now most days. There are some benefits to living on this island. :)


A book rest turned into a real rest


Yesterday was warm and sunny! It was +10! We all went out together for a mid-day tramp.

Jack loves being outside, especially in the backpack. It's the best way for me to get out with the kids too, since he's so content up there and I have hands free for Arden. We are trying to go outside every single day, no matter the weather. Of course, there are some days when a combination of high winds and precipitation make it basically impossible with the little ones, but we are trying for consistency! It's good for all of us.

 And of course, we are now into mud season! Arden is in her glory.

Arden calls the polka dots on her boots "jelly beans." Definitely Daddy's influence!

Getting a head start on gardening!

We surveyed our riverside property too. I'm looking forward to getting some more work done as far as garbage pick-up and brush clearing this spring.

We found this nest in some of the bushes in the old barn foundation.

Time for clean up!


I would like to present Jack's very first crayon creation. The other day, instead of only eating the crayons in the easel, he started waving them around in the general direction of the paper, and even made a few markings! I guess he's seen his big sister do it and figured he wanted to try it out too!

I think Arden is telling him, "Not in your mouth!"

Do you see the brown marks? They are all his!

Oh yes, we have an artist in the making.


I found this picture that Micah took when he was out for a walk with Arden. They must have gone over to the bridge and were sitting on the big rocks with their feet dangling over the water. I just think it's cute. Arden loves her Daddy.

Have a great day! Hope signs of spring are on their way where you are too!

round button chicken


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  1. I love that picture of the kids drawing together - our Tom Kitten is into eating crayons too. My MIL got Ginger some lovely beeswax crayons for christmas and they already have teethmarks in them!


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