Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas in Fort Smith!

We spent a lovely Christmas surrounded by family in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories!

The jellybean queen!
(Counting beans to go in the goodie bags for church)
Good times with coffee
Decorating the Christmas tree

Double-barrelled coffee king!

Getting ready to go the Christmas Eve service

Candlelight service at Fort Smith Pentecostal Church
(Christen on the piano, me on the drum, back with the angels, of course!)

This little boy slept in Grandma's arms during the service

A tired little girl came running up to see me when the service was over

My cute boy!

Family photo on Christmas Eve

Some fun before bedtime with Auntie Christen

Late night, last minute stocking sewing!

Our humble spruce tree, looking quite its best
Guess who came to visit Christmas morning? (This little set travelled with us from PEI, as it was Arden's favourite thing to play with in the weeks before Christmas.)

Jack's first experience with Christmas presents! (The shiny paper was a big hit.)

She wasn't feeling her best that day, but a snuggle with Grandma's big dolly helped.

Don't even think about taking these toys away!

Chief turkey carver!

Just some of the present opening. I had to include this picture because of the bugle on the table, Hendrik's prized present! We had a grand carol sing later in the evening accompanied by this bugle and a few kazoos! 

Shall we gather round the WiiU?
Arden's northern gift


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