Thursday, October 18, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real} fall fun edition!

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* I forgot that I was going to show some pictures of my rearranged music room in this post! If you would like to see those, I made another post


We went apple picking on Saturday! It was quite a chilly day, as you can see by how bundled up we all were. But the orchard was beautiful in the sun and we got lots of apples - mostly Liberty and Cortland.

Granny braved the cold and came with us!

Jack stayed in the stroller and supervised.

Arden loves her apples - and her sunglasses!

Lots of apples!

Still bundled up. He was fascinated with the trees and the sun coming through the leaves.

Ok, now I'm getting cold...

Apple pickers!


We spent a happy Thanksgiving with some friends. Arden had a grand time playing outside after dinner with the older boys. She was introduced to the culinary art of making mud soup! By the end of it, she was covered in mud from head to foot, but she had such fun it was worth the dirty clothes. (Although, I don't think the red dirt is ever going to come out of her jeans!)

Sneaking a photo while they weren't looking...

Focused on her concoction

Adding more of the main ingredient

Meantime, Jack has been trying out some new food too! This was applesauce.


Arden is just getting the hang of dress-up!

And here's our funny little man!


The days are getting colder! We try and go outside as often as possible, though it takes a little more time to get us all out there. Arden loves to help Daddy with his chores, especially if it involves a ride on the tractor.

He couldn't move even if he tried!

Riding the tractor

Daddy's little helper

round button chicken



  1. Looks like lots of fun :) Our boys loved collecting apples this year too.

  2. The apple picking looks fantastic! I like your little girl's sunglasses with the knit hat. Summer and Winter--best of both worlds. ;)


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