Thursday, December 15, 2011

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Wow, December 15th already! I'm excited to see my sister over at BackWoodsWife joining in too!

Things have been so busy these last fews weeks, but I'm grabbing a few images off the camera this morning before going out the door...


The other night Micah went out and captured the beauty of the house lit up at night. I love driving down the country roads at night seeing all the houses glowing from within! And I love that ours is one of them.


We went for a little the drive the other day since Micah had the day off. We stopped first at the bakery for fresh cinnamon rolls, then drove on to Cavendish to say hello to the Green Gables house.

Arden looking for Anne . . . 

It's closed for the season now, but sometimes I just like to go remind myself that it is indeed there. :)


I was trying to get a nice shot of Arden with Green Gables in the background, but of course, she wasn't really cooperating! This shot made me laugh though.


We have been slowly incorporating Advent into our lives the last few years. This is the first year we are doing candles at home. When the first Sunday of Advent rolled around, I went in search of stuff for a wreath. I didn't want to buy anything new. Mom had bought me three lovely red pillar candles earlier, and I had an old red candle already started from a previous Christmas. They were similar enough I thought they would work. I didn't want to make the old candle the joy candle, but I didn't have another candle of a different colour. Then I had the idea to tie some pink ribbon around the third candle, and there is my joy! I also had a pile of mostly dead branches I had cut off our spruce hedge, but I scavenged some of the live branches and brought them in for decoration.

Our dining room was under construction when Advent began (our before and after pictures are here in case you missed them!), so I put the candles on the high floating shelf in the living room to keep them out of Arden's reach, and there I think they will stay.

It's not exactly a wreath . . . but they are Advent candles, and in some small but important way I feel like I'm really entering into the Advent mystery when we light them.

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  1. What a wonderful shot of your home.

  2. Your home looks sooo cozy! Love the Advent candles and that your family is celebrating together!

  3. I love the porch on your home. It makes it so inviting. I am also a fan of Anne of Green Gables. Enjoy bringing Advent into your home and lives!

  4. I think you've got the right attitude - it's better to go along step by step - your Advent greenery and candles are just fine!
    So, you live on Prince Edward Island! Such romantic connotations for us Anne fans!
    Your house is very charming.

  5. I love the house photo! The ones of Arden in her pink jacket are darling! Wish we lived a bit closer...

  6. Ahhh, I love Anne of Green Gables. I recently figured out you can find most of LM Montgomery's books on as well! We're starting by little bits with Advent as well ~ we have the candles out, but lighting them every day for little devotion is a challenge. I haven't even lit the pink one this week yet!


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